Bonjour Jean Pierre Sancho

No one does desserts like the French.

Jean Pierre Sancho has been around Perth for a number of years now.  I still remember stepping into this patisserie on Hay Street, up those stairs to the counter and feasting my eyes (then my belly) on those gorgeous macaroons. Oh such happy memories.

What do I love about this place?  Well, everything smells, sounds and tastes French.  The staff all speak French (if they don’t, they pull off bloody good accents!), the bakery for all their treats are just downstairs from the cafe, the decor is reflective of an opulent Parisian chateau and the delicacies… How can you resist?



Since I’ve tried the various macaroons with their gooey soft centers and crispy coatings, I decided to try some their other yummies…


Hi chocolate fans, I’ve found the dessert for you.

Forgot its name but I will never forget the taste!  It’s like a dense, super velvety ganache in the structure of a slice.  The flavours are perfectly balanced and not overly sweet.  You can tell that good quality dark chocolate was used.

C360_2014-04-17-18-58-11-272_resizedEveryone, meet the Strawberry Bombe.  Gorgeously smooth strawberry mousse encased by a subtle meringue.  It’s light, airy and not overly sweet so the flavours are gentle yet well defined.  Loved it!

Jean Pierre Sancho on Hay Street is the place to go for beautifully presented and balanced delights.  Highly recommend it if you need some rich indulgence to wind off a busy week at work.  Plus, each visit will be like a getaway to France where you can even practice your French!

Love, Pepper


878 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia

Service 3/5

Food 4/5

Ambience 3/5

Price 3/5

The PS score 13/20

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