Meze bar Brika

Whoopa!  We got our Greek on at Brika.

Let me begin by saying how much I love the non-pretentious menu, rustic food and decent prices.  Everything about this newly established restaurant felt genuine, homey and yet so modern retro cool.  Out of respect, I need to wear some edgy styles like my Ollie & Sons body suit next time!

ImageBrika is conveniently located on the quieter yuppy end of Northbridge where diners benefit from ample street side parking.  It incorporates plenty of undercover outdoors seating, a sectioned bar area plus indoor dining.

Decor is funky with artistic commentaries displayed across the back wall and an awesome muriel across the side wall.  Additionally, the use of warm wood furniture plus earthy colours created a cozy ambience where diners felt instantly at home.  And ready to e.a.t.


Once you’re seated, the taste senses kick in.

I could smell the wonderful aroma of toasted pita breads and charcoal lamb wafting through the kitchen.  Oh baby, oh baby.  We have entered into a Greek family’s home where dinner is about to begin.

The Spanikopita was generously filled with 3 kinds of cheeses encased by crispy pastry.  The Fremantle Sardines were wonderfully salty against the freshly charred sweetness of the toasted bread and spicy mayonnaise.  And how can we not order the sea salted and oreganoed Patates?  I couldn’t stop munching these.. yum.

ImageFor mains, we tried the Lamb Chops, Calimari and Barramundi.  The lamb chops were cooked beautifully with its charred outer coated in so many fragrant herbs and spices.  Honestly, the smell of this dish was extremely enticing and I’m salivating just thinking about it.

The Calimari was slightly undercooked for my liking but none the less, the flavours were balanced and fresh.  Our crispy skinned Barramundi came on a big smear of fluffy creamy mash and it looked as good as it tasted.

ImageWe finished the night with 2 desserts: the Baklava and Ksinotiro.  Just like their savoury partners, these sweets were rustic and full of flavour.  You can tell the Baklava was made with love because the walnuts mingled so nicely with the honey. And once you mix that with the halva icecream… heaven.

The Ksinotiro was interesting.  I’ve never tried this kind of sour cream cheese before yet it went down well with the pita bread and dried apricots.  Make sure you try all the components together though or the flavours won’t make sense.

Yummy food aside, Brika service was friendly with smiles all around.  Our waitress checked on us every once in a while but not overly interruptive.  Cocktails were refreshing and real.  No umbrellas, no coloured straws, no gimmicks.  Just really good alcohol with gorgeous mixes.

The owner, Simon Psaros, left his law degree to chase his food dreams.  Thanks goodness for that.  Call me crazy but I prefer good food over a lawyer anyday.

Definitely visiting Brika again soon (in my Ollie & Sons) because the slow cooked lamb was something we missed and calls to be tasted.  Perhaps I’ll see you there too…

Love, Pepper


177 Stirling Street, Northbridge, Western Australia

Service 4/5

Food 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Price 4/5

The PS score 16/20

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