How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science


You make goals… but then you procrastinate.

You write a to-do list… but then you don’t follow through.

And this happens again and again and again. Seriously, what’s the problem?

Why are we so good at thinking of what to do but so terrible at actually doing those things?

The problem is you’re skipping an essential step. Here’s what it is…

The Mistake Every Productivity System Makes

Productivity systems rarely take emotions into account. And feelings are a fundamental and unavoidable part of why humans do what they do.

We can’t ignore our emotions. Because of the way our brains are structured, when thought and feelings compete, feelings almost always win.

And we can’t fight our feelings. Research shows this just makes them stronger.

Via The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking:

…when experimental subjects are told of an unhappy event, but then instructed…

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Asian pancakes with spinach

Who says pancakes have to be sweet?

Here’s an Asian inspired recipe I just created.

These savoury pancakes are nutritious, low in calories and most importantly, super yummy!



2 cups of self-raising flour

1 teaspoon of bicarb soda

1 1/2 cups of water

1 egg

2 cups of roughly chopped spinach

1/2 cup of roughly chopped chives

1 crushed garlic

Salt & pepper to season

Alternative additional ingredients:

1 tablespoon of olive oil


1 cup of Chinese style roast duck meat

1/2 cup of fish or pork floss


1  Grab a big bowl and throw everything in.  Mix it all up so you get a nice gooey batter.

2  Use a non-stick frying pan and put it on low heat.

3  Spoon the pancake batter into the fry pan.  Make them as big or small as you like.

4  When the pancake starts to bubble, flip it.  It takes around 2 minutes on each side.

5  Voila!  Yummy savoury pancakes for breakfast.. or whenever you want to eat really.

Who needs an excuse when it’s so healthy and low in calories?


Love, Pepper

Presotea is bubble tea

Who says you can’t eat bubble tea?

C360_2014-04-24-15-23-43-733_resizedActually, you can’t.  But you can love it like a true Asian, coin it BBT like a real connoisseur and enjoy it like any other good restaurant.

There are a few bubble tea brands in Perth but my favourite is Presotea on Barrack Street.  Bubble teas are all the same, I hear you say?  WRONG.

A good bubble tea should be refreshing, light and gorgeously fragrant… just the way Presotea makes them.

C360_2014-04-24-15-49-29-579_resizedThis small boutique business has created a massive selection of fruit, traditional, milk and all sorts of flavoured beverages where quality tea leaves are used.  They brew each order on the spot (no yucky dark bitter taste from pre-made stuff) and the addition of sugar plus ice levels are suited to your preference (no sickening syrups).

Furthermore, Presotea has a fantastic range of toppings.  Most people tend to ask for the pearl or sago (those typical black balls which made bubble tea ‘bubble tea’).  But have you tried the fruit jellies or aloe vera?  Or how about grass jelly?  I love this one for its health benefits.

Presotea is also the only place that does perilla toppings.  What’s perilla?  These things look like tadpoles or fish eggs.. not appetising.. but they’re actually mint seeds.  And like grass jellies, have super health benefits such as immunity support.  I always add this to my orders.

Try out next time you’re in Perth!  Ask for the Signature Milk Tea or be a rebel and indulge in something unique like Honey Aloe Vera with Perilla topping.  Go on.. you’ll thank me after

Love Pepper


81 Barrack Street, Perth, Western Australia

Tea 5/5

Toppings 5/5

Price 5/5

The PS score 15/15

Presotea Perth on Urbanspoon

Harvest is a little gem

Beautiful morning, at beautiful little Harvest with a beautiful autumn breakfast menu.

Let me tell you about a little treasure in Victoria Park called Harvest Espresso.  I’ve driven past the shop on so many occasions and never noticed it.  Until recently that is.

C360_2014-04-20-17-12-49-773_resizedIf I had slowed down, I would have seen the queue of waiting breaky lovers, the adorable makeshift  outdoors seating and of course, the sign that says ‘Harvest’.  Duh.

So after many weeks of friends raving about how amazing the current menu is (they change according to season), my girlfriend and I took advantage of Perth’s beautiful sunshine and indulged ourselves with a Harvest breakfast.

Oh boy.  How can a shop so obscurely located and small produce such elegant dishes with flavours that SLAP and textures that PUNCH?

C360_2014-04-20-17-11-26-025_resizedI ordered the Harvest Bubble and Squeak.  This dish was presented with sophistication and detail.  It entices you with colour, texture plus various cooking techniques used on each element.

The poached eggs were cooked to perfection with its sexy yolks oozing onto the generous patty of mash and bacon. Which in itself, was a match made in delicious heaven.

The clever chefs also incorporated seasonal sweet potatoes as a smooth sauce plus get this, a crunchy noodle-net-patty to cap off the plate.  Ok, that latter description is weird so take a look at the picture.  Makes sense now?  It was like eating healthy chips.

C360_2014-04-20-17-10-14-517_resizedHarvest also had a large variety of Chai lattes. Yay for chai tea lovers!  The one which caught our attention was the ‘Dirty Chai’.  After a sip, my girlfriend summed it up pretty well, “Wow.  This is dirty. I love it!”

Fantastic breakfast aside, the shop’s decor is simple yet lovely with flowers from a local florist on each table.  It’s bright and airy which compensated for the tight seating.

What impressed me more was seeing the owners serving on the floor and cooking in the kitchen.  No wonder each plate they brought out was perfect, and no wonder every diner looked satisfied.  And happy.

Harvest’s amazing reviews and reputation in the Perth breakfast scene is truly justified.  I can’t wait to go back!

Love, Pepper


Harvest Espresso

629 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Western Australia

Service 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Food 5/5

Price 4/5

The PS score 17/20

Harvest Espresso on Urbanspoon

Meze bar Brika

Whoopa!  We got our Greek on at Brika.

Let me begin by saying how much I love the non-pretentious menu, rustic food and decent prices.  Everything about this newly established restaurant felt genuine, homey and yet so modern retro cool.  Out of respect, I need to wear some edgy styles like my Ollie & Sons body suit next time!

ImageBrika is conveniently located on the quieter yuppy end of Northbridge where diners benefit from ample street side parking.  It incorporates plenty of undercover outdoors seating, a sectioned bar area plus indoor dining.

Decor is funky with artistic commentaries displayed across the back wall and an awesome muriel across the side wall.  Additionally, the use of warm wood furniture plus earthy colours created a cozy ambience where diners felt instantly at home.  And ready to e.a.t.


Once you’re seated, the taste senses kick in.

I could smell the wonderful aroma of toasted pita breads and charcoal lamb wafting through the kitchen.  Oh baby, oh baby.  We have entered into a Greek family’s home where dinner is about to begin.

The Spanikopita was generously filled with 3 kinds of cheeses encased by crispy pastry.  The Fremantle Sardines were wonderfully salty against the freshly charred sweetness of the toasted bread and spicy mayonnaise.  And how can we not order the sea salted and oreganoed Patates?  I couldn’t stop munching these.. yum.

ImageFor mains, we tried the Lamb Chops, Calimari and Barramundi.  The lamb chops were cooked beautifully with its charred outer coated in so many fragrant herbs and spices.  Honestly, the smell of this dish was extremely enticing and I’m salivating just thinking about it.

The Calimari was slightly undercooked for my liking but none the less, the flavours were balanced and fresh.  Our crispy skinned Barramundi came on a big smear of fluffy creamy mash and it looked as good as it tasted.

ImageWe finished the night with 2 desserts: the Baklava and Ksinotiro.  Just like their savoury partners, these sweets were rustic and full of flavour.  You can tell the Baklava was made with love because the walnuts mingled so nicely with the honey. And once you mix that with the halva icecream… heaven.

The Ksinotiro was interesting.  I’ve never tried this kind of sour cream cheese before yet it went down well with the pita bread and dried apricots.  Make sure you try all the components together though or the flavours won’t make sense.

Yummy food aside, Brika service was friendly with smiles all around.  Our waitress checked on us every once in a while but not overly interruptive.  Cocktails were refreshing and real.  No umbrellas, no coloured straws, no gimmicks.  Just really good alcohol with gorgeous mixes.

The owner, Simon Psaros, left his law degree to chase his food dreams.  Thanks goodness for that.  Call me crazy but I prefer good food over a lawyer anyday.

Definitely visiting Brika again soon (in my Ollie & Sons) because the slow cooked lamb was something we missed and calls to be tasted.  Perhaps I’ll see you there too…

Love, Pepper


177 Stirling Street, Northbridge, Western Australia

Service 4/5

Food 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Price 4/5

The PS score 16/20

Brika on Urbanspoon

Bonjour Jean Pierre Sancho

No one does desserts like the French.

Jean Pierre Sancho has been around Perth for a number of years now.  I still remember stepping into this patisserie on Hay Street, up those stairs to the counter and feasting my eyes (then my belly) on those gorgeous macaroons. Oh such happy memories.

What do I love about this place?  Well, everything smells, sounds and tastes French.  The staff all speak French (if they don’t, they pull off bloody good accents!), the bakery for all their treats are just downstairs from the cafe, the decor is reflective of an opulent Parisian chateau and the delicacies… How can you resist?



Since I’ve tried the various macaroons with their gooey soft centers and crispy coatings, I decided to try some their other yummies…


Hi chocolate fans, I’ve found the dessert for you.

Forgot its name but I will never forget the taste!  It’s like a dense, super velvety ganache in the structure of a slice.  The flavours are perfectly balanced and not overly sweet.  You can tell that good quality dark chocolate was used.

C360_2014-04-17-18-58-11-272_resizedEveryone, meet the Strawberry Bombe.  Gorgeously smooth strawberry mousse encased by a subtle meringue.  It’s light, airy and not overly sweet so the flavours are gentle yet well defined.  Loved it!

Jean Pierre Sancho on Hay Street is the place to go for beautifully presented and balanced delights.  Highly recommend it if you need some rich indulgence to wind off a busy week at work.  Plus, each visit will be like a getaway to France where you can even practice your French!

Love, Pepper


878 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia

Service 3/5

Food 4/5

Ambience 3/5

Price 3/5

The PS score 13/20

Jean Pierre Sancho on Urbanspoon